A Political Committee Focused on State and Local Government in Florida
Florida has over 665,000 Jewish residents, and that number is growing each day. Making up approximately 4% of the state electorate, the Jewish vote has the potential to tip statewide elections. In parts of the state where Jews are highly concentrated, Jewish voters can be a major force in elections ranging from municipal councils to state legislators and members of congress. Of course, Jewish voters are not monolithic. Jews, like any ethnic or religious group in America, share a range of political opinions and ideas. Even with such diversity of thought, however, there are common values held among many Jews in Florida. Among these are:

Public Safety and Security in Our Communities

Jewish families, individuals and institutions are frequently the targets of intimidation and threats of physical violence. In some cases, these threats have escalated to actual attacks. In the wake of such threats, the State has responded by offering support to our institutions. But we as a community must not only be responsive after-the-fact. We must be proactive, and regularly advocate that resources are aligned with the level of threat. 1000 Jews of Florida will work to ensure Florida’s state and local governments maintain the public safety resources necessary to prevent real or threatened physical violence against any person in Florida.

Protecting Free Markets.

Historically, Jews were denied access to certain professions and business communities. Our success has been in part the result of our entrepreneurial spirits. We must ensure that our state and local governments preserve free market policies that ensure economic mobility and opportunity for all. 1000 Jews of Florida will work to ensure Florida’s state and local governments maintain policies that support a free and open market for all.

Support for Cultural Institutions

Cultural institutions, such as Holocaust museums and memorials, as well as other museums and educational cultural centers throughout Florida, serve to foster knowledge and understanding among our diverse populace. To ensure mutual respect and civic responsibility, such institutions must continue to be supported. Our common refrain “Never Again” is not simply a reminder of the past, but a call to action that we must forever heed. 1000 Jews of Florida will work to ensure support for cultural institutions that cultivate mutual understanding and respect among Floridians.

A Positive and Fair Relationship With the State of Israel

For Jews, the State of Israel was a safe haven in the aftermath of war that extinguished the existence of a large swath of our population. Today, Israel is a beacon of hope not just for the Jewish people, but for all who believe in the power of representative government, offering a symbol of stability in an often volatile region of the world. A global technology marvel, Israel has also become an important source of technology used each day by millions of Americans. While we may not always agree with each policy adopted by Israel, Americans, and especially Jewish Americans, have an interest in ensuring Israel’s opportunity to evolve and mature as a nation and to serve as an ally and stabilizing regional force. 1000 Jews of Florida will work to educate Florida’s state and local government leaders about the importance of a positive and fair relationship with Israel.

1000 Jews of Florida will identify and support candidates who align with these values. Most important: they will hear from Jews in Florida not just in the aftermath of issues that challenge our communities, but we and they will benefit from proactive, ongoing relationship-building. When it comes to such relationships, the time for building bridges is not in the wake of a crisis, the time for building friendships is always NOW.

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